What is MakeHartford? - It’s Like TechStars, but in Hartford. It’s a gym for geeks and creative people.
MakeHartford is Hartford, CT’s first makerspace, i.e. community of artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs for hands-on innovation. Partnering with local community and educational institutions allows us to facilitate hands-on, collaborative, project based learning and mentoring. We have opened a facility in the city of Hartford, where the only thing that limits what you can build is your imagination (well, almost). Classes for safe usage will be offered to both students and adults as we prepare the next generation of Connecticut artisans, manufacturers, and innovators.

Who should consider joining?
Inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, roboticists, rocket Scientists, software and hardware enthusiasts, ham radio operators,  machinists, architects, botanists, electricians, alchemists, Steampunkers, Trekkies,  or anyone with an artistic and/or technical mind. This is a place to come together and work collaboratively.

If this sounds exciting to you, stop by any Wednesday evening, between 6:00 and 8:00 PM and meet the gang!

We are located at 30 Arbor Street in basement units 7 (electronics, computing, crafts) and 6 (fabrication shops). Members can be allowed 24/7 use of facilities and equipment which will eventually include advanced fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, optical scanners, laser cutters, and full wood and metal working shops. Classes will be offered in soldering, electronics, programming, and of course equipment safety.

We’re also a place for people to do artistic,  hobby, and handy crafts like Pottery, Basket and Wicker Weaving, Engraving and Etching, Relief Sculpture, Metallurgy, Model Railroading, Model Painting…

In short, we cant wait to see what will you do with this Maker Space!

While you’re away you may stow your belongings in a secure locker, and you may opt to join our village of licensable workstations.

Join our mailing list, or check out our Meetup account for more information.

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