Possible New Location?!?

Wait a minute – Whats wrong with the Main Street location? Nothing at all! It’s still on the table, but this other location is potentially EVEN BETTER!

We’re looking at another, possibly better, location and want to get members feedback before we make any hasty decisions. Yes, this is totally last minute – but we needed a plot twist to keep things interesting.

The Entrepreneurial Center in The University of Hartford.

Butterworth Hall,
1265 Asylum Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06105

The building has marble columns and is historically significant. It’s inlaid wooden walls have secret doors that make the place look like a movie set (no – really).

There is a wing down the hall which enters into an admin office and then a hallway to about 2,000 sq ft of work space, in two rooms, with a concrete floor.  There are two small classrooms upstairs, a 20 person computer lab (which we can use/upgrade), and a closet area.

The grounds outside the space are also of interest allowing us to potentially experiment with a greater array of things outside. Aquaponics, UAVs, Quadrocopers, and there is also FREE PARKING!

The space is immediately available at a substantially lower cost and is requesting a month to month arrangement. All of which are favorable to us. The University is VERY supportive of our efforts.

We are looking to meet tomorrow (really sorry for the long post and short notice) to tour the space and get consensus among Founding Members, and I highly advise we consider this space.

To recap:

  • Open sooner: No build out – no lease guarantee
  • Lower cost – Lower dues
  • Month to month lease – more flexible options in the future once we fill this space with awesomeness
  • Immediate connection to a University – Nuff said.
  • Free Parking – More Secure – Lower operations costs
  • More flexible options – Retail, Vending Machines, Outbuildings, Paint Booths, Etc

Cons (vs Market St):

  • Not downtown – For now; we can still move back downtown – this is just an immediate place we can open.
  • Fewer Restaurants – Everyone will drive here – so the restaurants on Farmington arn’t so far away and include: Tisane, Half Door, Ethiopian, Tangiers, Pizza, Grinders, DD, BK, KFC, TB – pick things up on the way in or walk/drive there. Most are 2 – 3 blocks away.
  • Smaller – Yep. And a LOT cheaper. We can use the shared space (computer labs) as a classroom and some of the offices as meeting rooms. We will still offer some sort of personal work station to those who express an interest – though that offering may be smaller, and thus cheaper, for the time being.
  • Retail and other Foot Traffic – There was more going on downtown. This is a residential neighborhood.  We can still expand into retail and other storefront space downtown. Perhaps even easier now that we have lower costs.

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