Notes from 9-25-2013

The meeting started with a description of the New York Makers Fare, where several of our members had booths to demo their inventions and wares. While the official number are not yet released it is estimated that over 80,000 people attended the two day event which included major fabrication vendors as well as small start ups (imagine that). Several MakerSpaces from CT also had booths.

Balam showed a low cost self produced textile sensor. Using your finger to bridge the circuit you were able to turn on a small lamp. The sensor is completely foldable, compressible, and you could even wash it. Round 3 yet to come with a more compressed board.

Our group discussed having a booth at future events but we agreed that staffing such a booth would be hard as most of us would really like to see the other exhibits. This brought about the notion of a mobile booth setup or using mass t-shirt wearing to spread our idea and mission. We have an entire year to plan how we present our self…

Location, Location, Location!!!
Our next topic of conversation was an update to our negotiations with the University of Hartford. Sadly, the negotiations are not going as quickly as we initially hoped nor are the numbers as low as we would like. Negotiations are still ongoing, but we are also scouting other locations in the Greater Hartford area.

We are very committed to opening the doors to a space by year’s end. There are several people within the group, myself included, that NEED space. Now.

New Momentum
Our primary client are the makers who become our members. Some of whom have already bought a year’s worth of membership up front. As much as we want to be a community space – we are first a foremost serving our members. With that in mind we are restructuring the way we organize our use of space such so that we will have private work stations.
Partially this is because this is what makes our space different from other spaces in CT already in operation and also because these workspaces make the space more financially viable.
We will still offer group work area and other amenities and these spaces will scale up depending on the number and size of the workspaces we can fit into the proposed spaces.

New Mission
Collect possible spaces. We are scouting ready-to-rent locations. A one page description can be found here. Please contact us if you know of a possible location. We would like to open the space as soon as possible.

Start Up Weekend is in October
We would like to send at least two teams to this competition. Let me know if you would like to help one of our teams win the first International Startup Weekend.

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