Notes from 10-9-2013

Several members were able to tour the new scouted proposed location on Tobey Rd, near Coapco plaza in Bloomfield. This post will concern our build out, questions to the landlord, and next steps. See our previous post for a detailed descriptions of the site.

Overall members expressed overwhelming approval for the site and vision of the space. Members drafted a list of questions for the landlord as we discussed how the space could be built out. We discussed cash flow and our business model. These are longer conversation which will be discussed further on Basecamp / Google Group sites.

We currently have a boilerplate lease from the landlord which we are reviewing with our attorney. Nothing is final until its signed, but this is good progress in such sort time. Next steps include reviewing our documentation and equipment lists, create a proposed floor plan, and of course to start planning our opening and fundraisers.

Questions for Landlord:

  • What is the history of building?
  • Are there wood or metal studs in wall?
  • Is there an Architecture drawing available?
  • What is the voltage capacity in our unit?
  • Who is the local cable company?
  • What is the temp of units in summer?
  • Is the ceiling weight bearing?
  • Age of water heater + AC units?
  • Size and costs for other spaces for rent in building (ballpark)?
  • Size and cost of space behind Unit-8?
  • Can we park a shipping container on the property for additional storage space if need be? Costs?
  • Can we run a line for outside air to feed heater intake?
  • If we rent the small room behind us, can we add in door between spaces?
  • Timeline / effects from new roof?
  • Do skylights open? Can they be made to?
  • Leak review and allowance?

Proposed Plans:

  • Most equipment and tables on wheels
  • Lockers along the back wall near hallway
  • Workstations along left wall
  • Classroom + common work space in center of room
  • Cloth curtain to divide space and limit dust contamination
  • Green roof + solar power?
  • 2 levels within space

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