Notes from 11-20-2013

The format of tonight’s meeting was a throwback to earlier meetings we had done where shop announcements were brief and member presentations filled most of the time. Tours were given to the folks who had not yet seen this space and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. About 20-25 people attended the event, including a lot of new faces. Light refreshments were served and we collected a few dollars in donations.

A good number of gadgets and things were shown including:

  • PicoDB – A database micro controller
  • Laser cutter printer examples and classroom discussion
  • Lots of Steampunk gear – leather and metal work with custom electronics
  • An Arduino controlling window opener

Afterwords, the following topics were discussed:

  • Meeting Format: There are numerous Committees having discussions on Basecamp and in meetings within the space. The Show-n-Tell events are social events and will run similar to tonight going forward – some time for introductions, questions and then some very brief announcements followed by show-n-tell.
  • Memberships are available – see Membership Tiers for more details
  • Classes: We will start having them as soon as we have desks and chairs
  • Fundraisers: Kickstarter backgroung video was being shot tonight.
  • Equipment List: There is a list of equipment haves and wants posted within basecamp. This is only a general schedule for the acquisition of equipment. We do so in 4 waves over the course of a year. We will stride to do the most good with our dollars relative to the number of people who need that piece of equipment. If a lot of our members need a particular piece of equipment then we will get it. In general we are standing up the electronics and IT lab first and then the wood shop and metal areas.
  • Equipment Donation: We are accepting equipment donations and are able to receive the equipment at our location. At this time we do not have 501 status, but we expect to shortly.
  • NonProfit Status: We are still in talks with other nonprofits, but are also starting the paperwork for our own nonprofit.

Our next meetup is on December 4th and I hope to see you there.
All ideas and projects, including ones we saw tonight, are welcome.

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